3 explosive WW2 rounds found at construction site near KK Hospital

The SAF's bomb squad was activated last night (Aug 2) after three explosive rounds from World War 2 were found at a construction site near KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

The rounds were 25-pound shells, and were disposed off in a safe location this morning (Aug 3).

The Singapore Army posted this on its Facebook page:

"Three WW2 high explosive rounds found in one night! Last night, our Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), was activated to defuse not one but three war relics found at a construction site near the KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

"The rounds were identical and were assessed to be 25-pounder shells; each shell weighed about 11.5kg, hence the name 25-pounder.

"The 25-pounder guns were able to fire rounds at high-angles as well as in direct-fire mode against tanks and bunkers, and were introduced into service in the British Army just before World War II.

"The SAF still uses the 25-pounder guns but only for ceremonial purposes, such as the NDP, and without the projectile. Working through the night, the rounds were subsequently disposed off at a safe location early this morning.

"Once again, thank you bomb squad for being ever ready. This was truly a blast from the past! To learn more about the 25-pounder gun, visit the Fort Siloso Museum at Sentosa: http://www.fortsiloso.com/museum/25pdr.htm."

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