3-hour PSI hits 91, year's highest

The three-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading surged to 91 at 8pm last night, the highest this year.

The 24-hour PSI reading was between 65 and 78, which is within the moderate range of 51 to 100. The highest readings were logged in the central and south of Singapore.

The three-hour measure was in the range of 60s in the morning and early afternoon, before surging in the evening to peak at 91.

The one-hour PM2.5 reading ranged from 22 in the west to 79 in the south of Singapore at 8pm. It was 57 in the north, 31 in the east, and 72 in the central region.

PM2.5 pollutants are fine particulates that are no larger than 2.5 microns, or a thirtieth the diameter of a human hair. These can become trapped deep in the lungs and are tiny enough to pass through linings into the bloodstream.

Air quality in Singapore has deteriorated in the last two days, and a burning smell could be detected in many areas.

The pollution is likely to have come from Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo or even Singapore's own backyard, experts say.


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