3 killed in 'murder-suicide' near Swiss Alps station

GENEVA - The bodies of three people were discovered near a train station in the Swiss Alps town of Wilderswill on Monday, police said, amid reports of a murder-suicide.

Police said they had been alerted to the presence of the bodies in the town near the popular tourist destination of Interlaken at 7 am (0600 GMT, 2pm Singapore time), but gave no further details.

Media reported though that two men and one woman, all Portuguese citizens, had been killed in a jealousy drama.

Early reports hinted that a man had killed his wife and child, but that account later shifted with the reputable Tages Anzeiger daily reporting the gunman had killed his ex-wife and her new husband, before turning his gun on himself.

Quoting an acquaintance of the woman, the paper reported that her ex-husband had rung her doorbell and when she opened, executed her with a shot to the head.

When her new husband, whom she married two months ago, arrived at the scene, he was shot down too, the paper reported.

The gunman had also reportedly tried to get into the house in what may have been a bid to kill his three children, aged seven to 18, but his daughter slammed the door on him.

The man, who had reportedly been harassing and threatening his ex-wife for some time before the shooting, then took his own life.

Police, who did not immediately confirm the reports, had blocked off a large area around the crime scene, Train cars and buses had reportedly been moved into place to block visibility of the scene from a nearby school.