3 male burglars and 2 female accomplices arrested

Cash amounting to about $600, an assortment of jewellery, fifteen watches and various other items were seized.

SINGAPORE - Three men aged between 24 and 28 have been, believed to be responsible for at least three cases of break-ins at private residential estates, have been arrested by the police.

Another two female accomplices, both aged 24, were also arrested for suspected involvement in dishonestly receiving stolen property.

On Oct 27 between 9.10pm and 11.05pm, three cases of break-ins were reported at private residential estates located in the vicinity of Lorong Sarhad and Springwood respectively.

Cash, jewelleries and luxury watches amounting to more than $110,000 were reported stolen.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects had gained access into the private residential units by scaling over the boundary wall and climbing in through unsecured rear door or windows.

CCTV footages were obtained, while investigation officers combed the areas to conduct ground enquiries.

Officers from Clementi Police Division and the Police Intelligence Department subsequently mounted an operation and arrested the three male suspects in the vicinity of New Bridge Road on Oct 30, ending the 10-hour operation that started on Oct 29.

Follow up investigations led to the arrest of their two accomplices, both 24-year-old female suspects in the vicinity of Clementi Avenue 5 on Oct 30.

Cash amounting to about $600, an assortment of jewellery, fifteen watches and various other items were seized.

The male suspects will be charged in Court on Oct 31, while investigations against the two female suspects are ongoing.

As the year ends and with the holiday season approaching, the police would like to remind house owners not to be complacent and to adopt various preventive measures to reinforce their homes against house breakers.

Commander of Clementi Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DAC) Melvin Yong pointed out that the community can play an important part in fighting crime with their active participation in the Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Citizen-On-Patrol initiatives within their neighbourhoods.

"Residents should alert the police when they see a suspicious person in their neighbourhood or witness a crime taking place. It is important for the public to remember that low crime does not mean no crime. If all residents can join a Neighbourhood Watch Group and look out for one another, it would contribute to a much safer neighbourhood," he said.