3 pet retailers warned by AVA over lapses

Out of 41 randomly selected pet farms and shops, 31 were found to have breached AVA's licensing conditions.

A pet farm and two pet shops have received warnings from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), following a report released in May by an animal welfare group.

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) had randomly selected 41 pet shops and farms, which it visited from March to May. It found that 31 of them had breached AVA's licensing conditions.

AVA thanked Acres for its "discreet observations on the ground" and said AVA's investigations had found "minor lapses".

In a statement yesterday, AVA said it had checked on the 31 pet retailers to ascertain Acres' findings. While Acres identified 19 pet retailers which had cages smaller than required, AVA found 12 to have breached the size conditions.

AVA said it will allow some variation "provided the animals have sufficient area to move around comfortably, as well as lie down and stretch".

There should also be enough headroom such that the animals can be comfortable in their usual standing position, it said. AVA found that only one pet farm had failed to satisfy these requirements, and issued a warning letter.

Acres also identified 14 pet retailers that did not provide floor mats for pet cages, as required under licensing conditions. AVA said it will allow some variation for retailers using "alternative flooring, provided it is firm and comfortable for the animals, and does not trap the foot of the animal".

Of the 14 pet retailers, AVA found that two of them did not use "acceptable alternative flooring" and issued warning letters to them, too.

Acres had also identified pet shops and farms that did not provide drinking water, but AVA's investigations showed otherwise. Thirteen pet shops were also found by Acres to not have displayed their pet shop grade decals, but AVA found that only seven did not do so. These seven pet shops now display the decals, AVA said.


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