3 Singapore students who survived Supertyphoon Haiyan return home

SINGAPORE - The 3 Singaporean girls who were caught in the deadly Super Typhoon Haiyan, are back in Singapore.

Eileen Heng, Vanessa Chong and Alyssa Chee, all aged 23, were in Tacloban, a city about 700km southeast of Manila, as part of a university placement project. Then Typhoon Haiyan swept into the Philippines last Friday. The super typhoon caused widespread destruction and has reportedly claimed up to 10,000 lives.

Among the worst-hit areas was Tacloban, about 700km south-east of the capital Manila. Telecommunication lines and power supply to the city were cut off.

They tell their gripping stories of how they made it out of the disaster area:

Alyssa Chee said: "I was in my home-stay, which was in Bliss. It was quite scary and the ceiling ceiling was shaking and everything. What happened was that the water actually started coming into the house. That was when we decided to leave through the backdoor.

"The good thing was that my home-stay host, he managed to get the neighbour to open his backdoor as well, so we got from the backdoor of our house to the neighbour's house through his backdoor. The neighbour's house was a two storey house, so we went upstairs and we were quite safe there. The house was made of concrete and it was very stable.

She said they spent a good four hours waiting out the worst of the storm.

Eileen Heng said: "Ever since the typhoon, every minute and every second to me is a danger, because you don't know what is going to happen next.

Vanessa Chong said: "It was just a really close shave. I think I have to think about how to say it out, because I myself can't remember everything. I'm still a bit shocked from the incident and some parts are a bit blurry for me.

She added that almost all the possessions they brought with them to Tacloban are gone. "We all went with luggages, but we came back with just a backpack," she said.

Watch the video below to listen to the full story:

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