3-year-old boy injured after fare gate allegedly closes on him at Hougang MRT Station

A three-year-old toddler was hurt after a gantry gates at Hougang MRT Station closed on him, causing him pain in his shoulders, chest and abdomen,

The incident happened on Sunday (July 16) at around 8pm, reports Shin Min Daily News.

According to a Shin Min Daily News report, the mother of the child, Mrs Lim, told Shin Min Daily News:

"After my son tapped his EZ-link card, the gantry suddenly closed on him.

"It hit his chest and abdomen, and he took two steps back.

"I quickly pried open the gates myself to check for his injuries.

"He told me that his stomach, chest and shoulders were in pain.

"I told two employees but they didn't offer assistance."

She also alleged that one employee had approached her later to tell her that she shouldn't have pried open the gates herself.

Photo: Stomp

A SCDF spokesman said that one ambulance was dispatched and the boy was conveyed to KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

In response to media queries, a spokesman for SBS Transit said that Mrs Lim should have approached SBS Transit staff for assistance in getting her son through the fare gate instead of opening the side door manually for him.

The spokesman added that the staff at the passenger service centre were unaware of the incident, until Mrs Lim approached them about two minutes later after she had attended to her son.

She, however, acknowledged that the staff should have come out from their office to see if the child was hurt and needed medical attention, and confirmed that SBS Transit had contacted the family and apologise for the matter.

She said:

"We could have handled this better and we apologise for any distress caused.

"We will take the necessary actions to improve ... We wish Mr Lim's son a speedy recovery."