3-year-old boy knocked down by cyclist at Serangoon Park connector

SINGAPORE - An accident involving a three-year-old boy has sparked concern over pedestrian safety after the child was allegedly hit by a cyclist.

The accident, which happened on Sunday (Jan 10), occurred at around 11.15am at the Serangoon Park connector near the fitness corner towards Punggol.

The child's mother, Ms Kaslyn Tan took to her own Facebook page to share about the incident, urging cyclists not to risk pedestrian safety.

She wrote that her son was treated at KK Hospital and that he was "unable to eat or even chew". Some of the boy's injuries include torn lips, cuts and ulcers in his mouth and chin, and the loss of a tooth.

She also added that there was no bone damage found on her son after an X-ray was done.

According to Ms Tan, her husband was together with her son at the fitness corner where the accident happened. Her husband had shouted across to the cyclist to warn him of his child, but the cyclist eventually knocked into the boy as he was apparently riding at a very high speed and could not brake in time.

Ms Tan described the cyclist as a Chinese male who is about 1.65 metres-tall and in his forties. The cyclist said he could not stop because his feet were "clipped on", presumably to the pedal.

In her post, she wrote that the cylist apologised for the accident and had passed her husband $30 after he asked the cyclist for cash supposedly used for medical care. The cyclist then left without giving his contact number.

According to Ms Tan, the National Parks Board (NParks) said that there are no CCTVs in the area. She also hopes that more regulation will be in place.

Ms Tan's post received support from many netizens, including the People's Action Party candidate for Aljunied GRC at the 2015 General Election Victor Lye, who visited the boy after the accident.

Mr Lye said that the cyclist involved should not have ridden off. "We must have rules, guidelines and a community etiquette to govern the safety and use of shared spaces," he added.

Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News reported that Ms Tan and her husband had lodged a police report, and had also reported the incident to NParks. In subsequent updates to her post, Ms Tan also thanked the Singapore Police Force and NParks for their help.

In response, the Singapore Police Force confirmed that a report had been lodged, and said that investigations are ongoing.