$3,000 win leaves him stunned

SINGAPORE - He started playing the TNP Bonus Challenge only last week.

Yet, Mr Hairul Sukaine, 33, was lucky enough to win the cash prize of $3,000.

"I started buying The New Paper every day last week to follow up on the exciting Premier League transfer news last week," said the programmes manager.

"I noticed the challenge and started playing for fun. I did not think I had a chance of winning."

Mr Hairul said the win was still sinking in and he had not decided whether he would save or spend the cash.

He said: "When I was going through the numbers and found that it was a vertical line, I checked it multiple times because I couldn't believe it at all.

"I haven't even told my family in case I turn out to be wrong."

A regular reader of the paper, he said that he appreciates the graphics in both the local and sports news sections, which makes the paper an easier read.

"The shorter length of the stories also makes it perfect to read during a commute to work," said Mr Hairul.

His father and brother also buy The New Paper, so on some days there would be three copies in the house.

"This is good because my chances of winning are higher," he said.

He was not the only winner on Saturday. Miss Siti Marsita, 20, a promoter, won an iPad mini.

It was third time lucky for Miss Siti, who on two occasions thought that she had won, but had not.

"I'm so happy and excited that I actually won this time," said Miss Siti, whose dad buys a copy of TNP every day.

She said cheekily: "Luckily, my dad doesn't play the challenge so I can play and win."

She has never owned an iPad so she's glad she will finally have one to call her own.

"I can't wait to play with it," she said.

Miss Siti said that she is a fan of TNP's local news while her father likes the sports section.

"Sometimes, we even discuss local stories like the one about the polytechnic student performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a crash victim in July," she said.

"That story really touched me."

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