4-year-old drowns in pool at Aloha Loyang

An eyewitness (left) demonstrates the level of the shallow pool in which the four-year-old victim was playing in.

A four-year-old boy drowned while playing in a pool at Aloha Loyang resort in Jalan Loyang Besar on Saturday (Dec 20), reported Lianhe Wanbao.

An eyewitness, Cai Jinxing, 45, told the Chinese paper that he noticed something was wrong when he saw a woman panicking.

He quickly helped to rescue the drowning boy with two other persons - a member of the public and a lifeguard.

The three of them worked together to try to resuscitate the boy, but his pulse was weak even after 20 minutes of resuscitation.

Mr Cai said that the boy's body had turned blue when police and civil defence personnel arrived at the scene. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Though the boy was rescued at 7.18pm on Saturday (Dec 20), he passed away five hours later in the hospital - after midnight on Dec 21.

Mr Cai said that perhaps no one noticed that he was drowning because there were a lot of people in the pool.

He added that parents should pay more attention to their children to ensure their safety.

Yesterday morning (Dec 22), the boy's parents and two friends visited the mortuary. The mother was seen pushing a stroller, and was described as "tired-looking", with red and swollen eyes, by the paper.

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