40cm-long knife with hair found near Whampoa River

SINGAPORE - Police are investigating a 40cm-long knife found near Whampoa River with maggots and black hair on it.

48-year-old factory worker Qu Yong discovered the knife on the grass patch near Block 5 St George's Lane at about 5pm last Sunday.

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Mr Qu then called his friend, Mr Seah, a 57-year-old general worker and St George resident to meet him. He lodged a police report on behalf of Mr Qu, who does not speak English.

Police declined to comment as to whether this incident is related to the murder of 33-year-old beautician Jasvinder Kaur, citing ongoing investigation. In December last year, her decapitated body was found wrapped in trash bags and floating in a waterway between McNair and St George's Road.

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