5 attractions to explore at Jewel Changi Airport

5 attractions to explore at Jewel Changi Airport

In case you haven't heard, Changi Airport's going to get even swankier come 2019, when the upcoming lifestyle and retail hub Jewel Changi Airport opens its doors to the public.

Other than F&B outlets and retail shops, the 10-storey building will also be home to a 40m indoor waterfall and a five-storey garden, as well as a 14,000sqm Canopy Park with play attractions and walking trails.

Here are 5 attractions that you can look forward to at Jewel Changi Airport:

1. Forest Valley and Rain Vortex

The great outdoors is brought indoors at Jewel, with the five-storey-tall Forest Valley housing 2,500 trees and 100,000 shrubs from all over the world.

The Rain Vortex.Photo: Jewel Changi Airport

Located in the middle of Jewel is the Rain Vortex, which will be the world's tallest indoor waterfall at 40m. Come nightfall, the waterfall will transform into a light and sound show.

Canopy Bridge.Photo: Jewel Changi Airport

Pro tip: If you want to catch the Rain Vortex display upclose, make sure you take a walk along the Canopy Bridge.

2. Petal Garden & Topiary Walk

Besides Forest Valley, the Canopy Park on the top floor of Jewel will also feature two specially created gardens - the Petal Garden and Topiary Walk.

Petal Garden.Photo: Jewel Changi Airport

Petal Garden will hold floral displays that change with the seasons, while visitors will get to see animal topiaries at Topiary Walk.

3. Sky Nets

Instead of staying grounded all the time, Jewel lets visitors take a walk on Sky Nets, which are walking and bouncy nets suspended in the air.

Also located within Canopy Park, these will be the first large-scale net attractions in Singapore.

Designed to resemble the flow of a river, there will be two different kinds of nets for visitors to explore.

Sky Nets.Photo: Jewel Changi Airport

The 50m-long walking net is higher at 25m above ground and allows visitors to peer through the voids.

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, the other net is a bouncy one that spans 250m and is suspended three storeys above ground. Talk about thrilling!

4. Canopy Mazes

Have some time to kill? Lose yourself in the two mazes at the east wing of Canopy Park.

There will be two different mazes spanning over 500 sqm for visitors to discover - a hedge maze, and a mirror maze.

The hedge maze.Photo: Jewel Changi Airport

But a word of caution: Do this only if you have time, in case you really get lost and miss your flight. 

5. Discovery Slides

The Discovery Slides in Canopy Park is a playground for all ages, as well as a sculptural piece in itself. There are four slides - two tube slides and two sliding surfaces.

The Discovery Slides.Photo: Jewel Changi Airport

Did we mention? The Slides also serve as a 6.5m-high platform for visitors to look out at Forest Valley and Rain Vortex - a perfect selfie spot for all of us Instagrammers!

Sounds fun and all, but there's still another two years to go before it opens. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait. 



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