5 hacks that will help make your kitchen seem bigger than it is

We all know that land scarcity is a big problem on our tiny little island. That's why our apartment blocks seem like they're reaching for the skies. 

But doesn't it seem like our apartments - especially our kitchens - are getting smaller and smaller? 

Here are some clever tricks to give your kitchen the illusion of looking bigger. 

1. Put in a vertical backsplash

Laying tiles out vertically on the wall draws the eye upward.

This will make your kitchen seem taller.

2. Get a few runners

Runners will make your kitchen seem to stretch out a bit.

Swapping them out every now and then will keep your kitchen looking fresh.

3. Reflective surfaces 

You don't have to put in mirrors to create the illusion of space.

Lacquered surfaces brighten up a room in the same way.

4. Use the ceiling

If your cabinets are crammed to the point of bursting, consider getting a pot rack.

5. Think outside the box

Add things that don't traditionally go in the kitchen.

Think about a TV or a gallery wall.

Perhaps, it's time for a little home improvement?