5 local online pet stores that are not Pet Lovers' Centre or Pet Safari

Online shopping now lets you order almost anything right from the comfort of your home. From groceries, organic food, to electrical appliances, and more, one doesn't even need to leave home to get hold of necessities.

As more and more offline stores move to the digital space, where setting up an online store can cost about a cup of coffee a day, people with furkids can now save the time going down to inaccessible places in the far reaches of our island to purchase pet necessities.

Here are some local pet stores that have taken their business digital to bring even more convenience to fur-parents everywhere in Singapore.


Photo: Pawrus

A young e-commerce startup for pet commodities who struck it out on their own when staff at a local pet megastore could not find what they wanted exactly.

The founders are two young university graduates who combined their love for animals, their deep knowledge of pet products, and the desire to bring convenience to fellow pet-parents to the masses.

Website: www.pawrus.com.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pawrussg

MOBY's Petshop

Photo: MOBY's Petshop

This e-pet store is a "Mobile Marketplace for Pet Food & Supplies" where they display an array of curated pet products from different brands and partners. They also have their very own collection of pet products.

They were founded in late 2016 and named after a 5-year-old French bulldog called Moby. They promise to donate $1 to local animal charities with every sale made. It has also recently raised about S$300,000 to expand its product range, its manpower, and app and site development.

Website: www.mobyspetshop.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mobyspetshop


Photo: Nekojam

This online pet store is probably not a stranger to most of you. They were established in 2012 and have over 8,000 products on their e-store. They also have eight adorable pet-ployees (pet-employee, geddit?).

They have a variety of loyalty programs such as their PetStarter Program, and their review programme under their Loyalty & Rewards Scheme. Delivery is free for orders above $39.

Website: nekojam.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nekojam.shop

Kohepets Online Pet Shop

Kohepets carries popular brands and other brands that are hardly found in Singapore and provides pet foods that are healthy and whole. They also offer free samples with any order to help the pet-parent decide on the right food and necessity.

Free delivery for orders above $60 and in two days' time - that's pretty fast. They also have a loyalty programme to earn Kohe Points that do not expire. The points can be used to redeem any purchase and enjoy rebates.

Website: www.kohepets.com.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kohepets


Photo: Polypet

Those of you who frequent the shop at Sunset Way will be familiar with this name. Polypet was set up by Mr and Mrs Loo 13 years ago, in 2004. They carry products for birds and fishes too, on top of the staple dogs, cats, and small animals products.

One more reason to love Polypet is their belief in not engaging in the sales of animals. Adopt, don't shop, as they say. They work with animal welfare groups to provide food and necessities.

You can purchase selected items on their website and they'll deliver to these organisations for you.

Website: www.polypet.com.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PolypetSG

Get The Best For Your Furkid!

The best thing about these online pet stores is that they are all homegrown and all about meeting the needs of pet owners.

Even though the industry is still pretty much more on-the-ground retail, more personalised services are still present online.

After all, as a pet parent, you would only want your furkid to get the best things with the best value from the best people you can trust, right?