5 SCDF vehicles seen along Orchard Rd after fire breaks out in Paragon

SINGAPORE - Five SCDF vehicles were seen along Orchard Rd after a fire broke out in Paragon this morning.

Stomp contributor Popoise said she witnessed a fire at the shopping mall at around 4am.

She said she saw a lot of smoke coming out of the main entrance of the mall. She also mentioned that there were also more than ten firefighters at the scene.

Said the Stomp contributor:

"I was told by a security guard that the fire started from one of the shops on the first floor.

"He thinks it has something to do with a circuit box.

"The cleaner notified him about the fire after smelling smoke.

"The fire lasted from about 4am to 6am.

"I was quite shocked when I first saw the fire."

An SCDF spokesperson released the following statement regarding the incident:

"We were alerted to a call at 4.28am. We dispatched two fire engines, two Red Rhinos and two support vehicles.

"The fire involved an electrical distribution box. We extinguished the fire using one internal hose reel.

"No one was injured, no evacuation was required."

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