5 things about Gen Y I'd change

1. Phone addiction

We are always, always on our mobile phones, iPads and what have you. It is rare to see even a single person not plugged into any electronic device on a bus or train - no longer do we read books on public transport, or make conversation with our friends.

Since when did reality become less important than a virtual world?

Ironically, there are social media campaigns now to encourage us to put our phone face down at dinnertime. Sigh.

2. Stuck on social media

Speaking about social media, I am sure you have heard this line before!

"No! Don't eat that, I have to take a photo first. I want to Instagram it."

Sounds familiar?

No matter how hungry you are, the new etiquette is that you need to give way to the snappers who seek online kudos.

So my generation is constantly documenting every article of food consumed or archiving the day's activities via Twitter.

Social media can be used for a thousand more meaningful things - like raising awareness of charities or pressing issues. I don't quite know why, but do we seem intent on broadcasting the mundane and unnecessary?

By the way, I just took a photo of that awesome cup of coffee with beautiful latte art. Can't wait till my friends see it.

3. Mad over brands

This generation has become increasingly brand conscious, and I can understand why.

We constantly see young stars publicising their latest designer goods, or people broadcasting their latest expensive loot online.

Case in point: 16-year-old Kylie Jenner's Instagram features a myriad of the branded goods and luxury cars which she owns.

She has 8,846,545 followers and is reportedly the seventh most followed person on Instagram.

If we are your strawberry generation, we will at least know the difference between Marc Jacobs shoelaces (yes, branded shoelaces exist) and normal ones.

4. Terrible music

Song titles like Stupid Hoe are pretty self-explanatory, while Alison Gold's Chinese Food sometimes makes me despair at the depths our generation has sunk to.

But you have to admit - Ylvis's What Does The Fox Say? is pretty damn catchy.

5. Overzealous fandoms

Trends like #cutforbieber, and the death threats people receive when they insult a fan's beloved celebrity are not only highly disturbing, they are downright terrifying. Thank goodness most people are now only into big hats (Pharrell Williams), twerking (Miley Cyrus) and even space suits, à la Daft Punk.

- Tay Rui Lin

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