53 workers posed threat to safety and security: Police

SINGAPORE - The 53 South Asian workers who are about to be deported had posed a threat to Singapore's safety and security, Deputy Commissioner of Police T Raja Kumar said on Wednesday.

In a press conference to announce alcohol restrictions in Little India, the DC said that the workers were assessed and deemed to have posed a threat. Under conditions set by the law, a removal order has been made for the workers to be repatriated back to their countries.

The DC also addressed allegations of police assault on those who have been kept in custody. Thorough investigations into these complaints will be carried out, he said.

Here is his full statement in response to these issues:

"I would like to address two issues. The first is in relation to the complaints of assault that have been levelled at the Police officers. The Police takes a very serious view of all complaints made by accused persons against our officers, and we will investigate every such complaint thoroughly.

"If criminal charges are disclosed, the Police will not hesitate to take criminal action against the officer concerned. However if the allegations are found to be false, appropriate action, in accordance with our laws, will be taken against any persons who have furnished false information to the police, which is an offence under the Penal Code Section 182.

"As the case involving the accused are currently before the courts, I cannot go any further beyond what I have just mentioned.

"The other aspect that I also wanted to touch on was the issue of due process. We have the laws in order to repatriate persons who are assessed to have posed a threat to our safety and security.

"These 53 persons by their actions, by what they have done, satisfy the conditions. So, the assessment has been made and the removal order has been given for them to be repatriated back to their countries. This is provided for in the law."