6 pro tips for a super clean kitchen

Some people have keeping clean down to a science. If you're looking to keep your kitchen as tidy as possible, follow these tips from people who have mastered the art.

1. Keep counters clean

With small appliances off the counter you'll have more space and less dust.

2. If you use it, wipe it

Always keep kitchen work spaces clean even if it's just water and oil. Be consistent and your daily kitchen chores will be done in a jiffy

3. Keep trash under the sink

It's simple but when garbage is out of sight it reduces clutter.

4. Wash dishes immediately

After washing, dry your dishes and put them away Ditch the drying rack so you're not tempted to leave things sitting.

5. Leave space in the fridge

´╗┐If 30 per cent of the space is free, items will have a designated spot without cramming.

6. Give everything a safe home

Next to the stove may seem like a logical storage spot for oil and spices. But oil splatters and heat can make things go rancid so keep them safely away.

All the best, and keep your kitchen clean!