67-year-old man dies from heart attack after catching prized Pokemon 'Lapras' at MBS

In a cruel twist of fate, a 67-year-old retiree suffered a fatal heart attack moments after catching a rare monster, 'Lapras' last Sunday (Feb 26), 5.30pm at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), near an entrance to Bayfront MRT Station.

The deceased's 66-year-old wife told reporters that during the time of the incident, the deceased was out hunting for Pokemon at MBS, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

According to her, her husband would regularly visit the site to catch Pokemon ever since the launch of the game, 'Pokemon Go'.

On the day of the incident, the family had met up for a meal together to celebrate a family member's birthday.

After the meal, the deceased went home to change before heading to MBS to catch Pokemon.

Said the heartbroken wife:

"There was a sudden call from the hospital after 6pm.

"They (The medical staff) told us to come see him one last time.

"At that moment, I knew things were bad."

She also told reporters that her husband had a history of cardiac disease, and when she received the call from the hospital, she instantly suspected that her husband had suffered a heart attack.

According to a statement issued from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), at 5.30pm on Feb 26, paramedics conveyed a man to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

The man died shortly after being admitted.

GPS readings on the deceased's handphone showed that the deceased had indeed been catching Pokemon at MBS, and that he had managed to capture a rare 'Lapras' and a second generation monster, 'Granbull' before the heart attack was triggered.

The deceased was considered an avid player, having captured over 200 kinds of Pokemon and a player level of 28.

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