7 killed in Honduras liquor store shooting

TEGUCIGALPA - At least seven people were killed late Saturday when a band of gunmen opened fire on a liquor store in the outskirts of the Honduran capital, police told local media.

About ten people arrived at the busy store in the Las Torres neighborhood in a vehicle and two motorcycles, and opened fire with automatic weapons.

According to media reports three people were killed inside the store along with a 14 year-old boy who happened to be walking by. Three of six wounded customers who were rushed to a local hospital also died.

Police at the scene of the crime said they did not have a motive for the crime or an identity for the assailants.

Honduras has the highest homicide rate in the world - 79 per 100,000 residents, according to national crime statistics.

This year more than 220 people have died in killings of three or more people, according to the figures.