7 rescued from jammed lifts after Golden Mile Complex fire

SINGAPORE - Some 200 office workers, retailers and shoppers evacuated Golden Mile Complex this afternoon (Oct 1) after a fire broke out.

Smoke could be seen coming from the building, according to eye-witnesses who wrote to citizen journalism website Stomp.

According to a Stomp reader, there was also a black out in the building.

When SCDF arrived at the scene 8 minutes after it received a phone call at 4.37pm about the incident, it said that the fire was "well alight inside an electrical room situated at the loading/unloading bay on the ground floor of the building".

2 fire engines, 1 Red Rhino, 2 ambulances and 4 support vehicals were dispatched to the location.

The fire was extinguished by SCDF firefighters using two water jets.

While some fire rescuers were trying to put out the fire, others were deployed to rescue some people who were trapped inside 2 lifts which had stopped working.

SCDF firefighters had to pry open the lift doors on the 8th floor to rescue 2 women, while 5 others in the other lift on the 10th floor were freed by a lift technician who opened the lift door.

A Chinese woman in her 60s, who was trapped in one of the lifts, was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital as she felt breathless.

According to Stomp, the fire could have started from a rubbish chute behind Golden Mile Complex.