7 years after killing dad, he kills grandma

The weapons allegedly used by the suspect to kill his grandmother.

TAIWAN - A Taiwanese man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his grandmother with a hammer.

This incident comes seven years after he killed his father - also with a hammer, Taiwanese police said on Saturday. The 35-year-old man, identified by his family name Lee, has a history of mental illness.

He allegedly attacked the 85-year-old grandmother on Friday morning.

He first allegedly stabbed her eyes with a screwdriver and hammered repeatedly at her head in their house in southern Taiwan, AFP reported.

Lee then woke his mother up to tell her what he did.

The mother called the police and when officers arrived, they found the old woman on the floor with her face bloody and mangled.

Lee's face and hands were dotted with blood.

Police officers searched the house and found medical appointment cards belonging to the suspect, Hong Kong's Apple Daily reported.

The report also said Lee claimed he suffered hallucinations and that he would have "gone outside to kill somebody else" if he did not kill his grandmother.

Lee was arrested in 2007 for murdering his father with a hammer.

Then, he claimed he was angry that his father was having an affair.

He was also upset that his father used to abuse his mother regularly, the report said.

The suspect is also believed to have fought with his father frequently.

One day, when the father returned home drunk, Lee attacked and killed him.

The judge had then said that instead of sending him to prison, he should be admitted to a mental health facility.

Lee was ordered to be hospitalised for five years, and he has been in and out of hospital for the past two years.

Two weeks ago, his mother arranged for him to go home to spend some time with the family. He was scheduled to be readmitted tomorrow, the newspaper said.

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