$7,000 windfall for graduate

SINGAPORE - He was able to tick only one number on his Bonus Challenge card on Tuesday.

So graduate Huang Weijie didn't feel lucky at all - until he flipped to page 8 of The New Paper on Wednesday.

"That was when I saw the last three numbers in the same column as the first number I had ticked," he said.

"To think in a span of just two days, I could get all the numbers in one column. Who would have thought?" he added.

Mr Huang walked away with the whopping snowballed cash prize of $7,000 - the biggest win so far in the Bonus Challenge.

This is the second win for the 25-yearold, who just graduated from the University of London.

His first was also a TNP contest, for movie tickets to watch Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

"But that was a couple of years ago," he said.


Currently "actively looking for a job", Mr Huang said he might use part of the money for a holiday overseas.

"I will be saving the rest of it," he added.

An avid TNP reader, Mr Huang said he has been buying The New Paper every day since he was in secondary school.

"I particularly love reading the football pages," he said.

He said he picked up Monday's copy at Raffles Place.

"Then I got the Tuesday and Wednesday issues from Eunos, where I live," he said.

When Mr Huang broke the news to his mother, a bank officer with UOB, late on Wednesday night, she was "very happy" for him.

"She insisted that I do not spend everything at once," he said, laughing at his mother's pragmatism.

You stand to win $1,000 in cash, an iPad Mini or an Xbox Kinect daily.


To take part in the contest, pick up a TNP Bonus Challenge Card with every Monday's edition of TNP.

Check the numbers on the card against the six numbers published each day from Tuesday to Sunday.

If you match a vertical column of numbers, go to the collection centre at Level 2 of the *Scape mall atrium with the newspaper clippings of the numbers and your Bonus Challenge Card.

There, verbally answer the question found at the bottom of the vertical column. You must claim your prize on the same day you complete the vertical column or it will be forfeited.

A daily prize of $1,000 (which snowballs if there are no winners), an iPad Mini or an Xbox Kinect is up for grabs till Sept 8.

From Sept 9 to Oct 3, there will be $500 to be won daily.


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