760 vehicle owners join police project to deter motor theft

SINGAPORE - About 760 people with in-vehicle cameras have joined a project to monitor crimes such as motor vehicle theft and theft from vehicles.

The VOW project is a Bedok Police Division initiative which engages residents who own in-vehicle cameras, so as to keep the vehicles in their neighbourhood safe.

The police said in a press statement that the sight of an in-vehicle camera is a strong deterrent for would-be criminals. On top of that, the cameras act as additional 'eyes' in the community and their footages may provide evidence.

Participating residents in this project may be approached by the police for footage from their in-vehicle cameras for the purpose of investigations.

The project has spanned across 56 car parks in Bedok, Changi, Geylang, Marine Parade, Pasir Ris and Tampines so far and the police aims to reach out to more vehicle owners to join in this initiative.

Commander of Bedok Police Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Alvin Moh said, "Installation of a 24-hour in-vehicle camera allows for the vehicle's surroundings to be recorded even after the vehicle is parked. With more in-vehicle cameras watching, residents can look forward to safer car parks and safer neighbourhoods."