840,000 HDB households to receive GST voucher in July

This month, about 840,000 Singaporean HDB households will receive up to $65 in the next instalment of GST Voucher - USave rebates, depending on their flat type.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) said on Friday (July 1) that with the annual rebates, those living in 1- and 2-room HDB flats can offset about three to four months of utilities bills, and one- to two-months of utilities bills for those residing in three- and four-room units.

MOF added that households owning more than one property will not qualify for the rebates.

The U-Save GST Voucher, given out over four payments yearly, is part of the permanent GST voucher scheme designed to help lower- and middle-income local households with their living expenses.

For more information on the GST Voucher - U-Save, call SP Services at 6671 7117, or email spservices@singaporepower.com.sg or visit www.gstvoucher.gov.sg.