995 graduate as SAF specialists

SINGAPORE - 995 Specialist Cadets (SCT) from the Singapore Army and the Republic of Singapore Air Force graduated as specialists of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) on Friday.

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Mr Teo Ser Luck reviewed the 16th Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade at Pasir Laba Camp.

The parade marked the completion of a 22-week Specialist Cadet Course, where the SCTs trained under rigorous and realistic conditions to develop leadership and combat skills, and deepen their understanding of the other vocations in the SAF.

Speaking at the parade, Mr Teo reminded the graduands that they bear the heavy responsibility for the men and women under their charge.

"They will look to you for leadership, guidance and support. Lead with conviction and lead by example," said Mr Teo.

He also highlighted to the specialists their responsibility to inspire people they lead to understand the significance of National Service (NS) as the cornerstone of Singapore's defence policy.

"It is only with this ownership and commitment that our nation's security can be sustained," he said.

He noted that this task was one which also required a nation-wide effort, as demonstrated by the work of the Committee to Strengthen National Service, which consults widely with the public on how to strengthen NS.