Adjustments to address MCE issues: LTA

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been closely monitoring the traffic conditions in the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) tunnel as well as the adjoining road network since its opening on 29 December 2013.

While traffic within the MCE tunnel has generally been smooth flowing, there has been traffic congestion and tail-backs at certain locations as motorists adjust to the new expressway and road network configuration.

For example, some west-bound motorists on the ECP did not enter the MCE directly from the ECP near Fort Road, but instead proceeded along Sheares Bridge into the city area before heading out to the MCE, thereby adding to the traffic in the city.

There has also been congestion along some key roads at the Marina South area as many motorists chose to enter the Central Business District (CBD) using the MCE exits that lead to Central Boulevard.

LTA will be making certain road and traffic flow adjustments to address the traffic issues. We will also be putting out travel advisories at more locations, and on radio, to guide motorists on the best way to reach their destination.

Adjustments to improve traffic

LTA will make the following adjustments to improve traffic circulation in the road network adjoining MCE. These changes are expected to ease the congestion experienced.

- A short stretch of Central Boulevard will be immediately converted from two lanes to four lanes. This would enable better traffic into and along Central Boulevard towards Shenton Way.

- More temporary signs at key approaches will be put up to alert motorists of the road network changes and the best way to get to their destination. Traffic wardens will continue to be deployed to help direct motorists.

Travel Advisory

We would appreciate motorists' help to take note of the following, and adjust their travel pattern when they use the MCE:

- Westbound motorists travelling from ECP to AYE

Westbound motorists travelling from ECP should join MCE at Exit 14B near Fort Road to get to AYE, instead of using Sheares Avenue to exit at Marina Boulevard to re-enter MCE and connect to AYE.

- Westbound motorists travelling from ECP to CBD

Westbound motorists heading towards Shenton Way or Anson Road area can use MCE Exit 1 to Maxwell Road instead of using Exit 3 to Central Boulevard.

- Eastbound motorists travelling from AYE to ECP

Eastbound motorists heading towards ECP should continue their journey on MCE instead of using Exit 2 to Central Boulevard.

- Eastbound motorists travelling from AYE to CBD

Eastbound motorists heading towards the Shenton Way or the CBD area from AYE can exit AYE at Exit 2B and use Keppel Road/Anson Road . Alternatively, they can use CTE, and use Exit 2 to Merchant Road.

- Westbound motorists travelling from Ophir Road to AYE

Westbound motorists heading towards AYE should use other arterial roads or CTE to connect with AYE, instead of using Ophir Road Interchange.

- Eastbound motorists travelling from CBD to ECP

Eastbound motorists from the CBD / Marina South area heading towards ECP are encouraged to use Sheares Avenue to access the ECP.

We seek motorists' cooperation and understanding as you adjust to the new expressway and road configuration. We expect the situation to stabilise over time as motorists get used to the new configuration. For more information on how to use the MCE, motorists can also refer to the LTA homepage.