After instant mala hotpot, here comes instant bak kwa

You may not have tried it, but you must have heard of the instant mala hotpot that has taken the internet by storm.

Not to be outdone, local bak kwa (dried barbequed pork) purveyor Bee Cheng Hiang Singapore has come out with their own self-heating product, called EZ Heat.

They are marketing it as "Singapore's first self-heating bakkwa".

The company released a video on Facebook showcasing this latest product, including instructions on how to heat up the bak kwa on the go.

In the video published last Fri (Aug 4), two girls are seen demonstrating how to properly enjoy EZ Heat.

The pieces of bak kwa and a heat pack as included in one packet of EZ Heat.Photo: Facebook/Bee Chen Hiang

 And just like the instant mala hotpot, all you need is water.

Photo: Facebook/Bee Chen Hiang

After laying the heat pack flat at the bottom of the plastic package together with the small packs of individually-sealed bak kwa in it, they pour a small amount of water into the package, as specified in the instructions.

The heat pack starts generating heat, warming up the pieces of bak kwa, as steam escapes from a vent in the package.

All you need is just 5 mins.Photo: Facebook/Bee Chen Hiang

While it is indeed compelling to have hot bak kwa anytime and anywhere, one must wonder whether it is truly safe to be heating your food in a flimsy plastic packaging, as brought up in a previous report.

For me, nothing beats bak kwa that's naturally hot and fresh off the grill. Yum.