Age limit for heavy vehicle drivers increased to 75 if they are fit and able

Heavy vehicle drivers may continue to drive until they turn 75 years old if they pass an enhanced medical examination and proficiency driving test, the police said on Monday (Dec 21).

The new age limit, up from the current limit of 70 years old, will be in effect from Jan 1, 2016, and will apply to drivers holding Class 4, Class 4A and Class 5 driving licenses.

A review by the traffic police had found that fit and able senior drivers are competent to handle heavy vehicles.

It included overseas benchmarking, consultation with medical practitioners as well as an assessment of seniors' driving competency.

Meanwhile, annual enhanced medical examinations and proficiency tests will help to ensure that senior heavy vehicle drivers are certified fit to drive.

For more information on the requirements for heavy vehicle licence renewal under the new policy, visit TP's website at