All can play a part to conserve water

All can play a part to conserve water

PUB, the national water agency, thanks Ms Jessica Reeves for her letter ("Message not trickling through"; Thursday).

It is heartening to note that there are public-spirited individuals like Ms Reeves who take an active interest in water conservation, especially during this dry period.

As she has pointed out, some businesses and government agencies are starting to reduce their water consumption during this unprecedented dry spell, but it is unfortunate that some organisations and individuals have yet to respond to our call to use water prudently.

With the dry weather expected to continue, we urge all to play their part to conserve water.

The PUB has been engaging building owners and managers to make adjustments and embark on water-saving measures.

Measures like cutting down the washing of vehicles and irrigation of plants, and switching off water features/fountains will help reduce water usage.

At home, we can save water by taking showers within five minutes, washing clothes on a full load and reusing water for non-potable purposes. Non-essential water consumption, such as the washing of cars and irrigation of plants, can also be cut down.

If we all make a personal and collective commitment to use water wisely, at home and at work, the amount of water we save will help stretch our limited resources.

George Madhavan
Director, 3P Network

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