Alleged thief stole from 3 stores in 2 days

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a 47-year-old man for his suspected involvement in a series of shop thefts.

On Monday, the suspect had allegedly walked out of a shop in a Jurong mall with a t-shirt and a jacket without paying for them.

He fled when the security alarm was triggered but threw the jacket aside while running away.

Despite getting away, he returned to the same mall the next day and stole another jacket.

The suspect is believed to have also stolen a backpack from another shop in a Jurong West mall on Tuesday.

If convicted, he faces imprisonment of up to 7 years and a fine.

The police encourage shop owners to take up the following deterrent measures to safeguard their shops:

a) Display posters or signage to deter shop theft;

b) Ensure a good line of sight for the displays by using an appropriate shop layout;

c) Keep expensive merchandise in locked display cabinets; and

d) Deploy adequate security personnel to patrol the premises in luminous vests for increased visual deterrence effect.