Alvivi's planned documentary: We shouldn't welcome them here

SINGAPORE - I refer to the report "Alvivi to shoot documentary in Singapore" (The New Paper, May 13, 2014) about Mr Alvin Tan and his girlfriend's plan to shoot a documentary in Singapore.

Online, it seems unanimous that we don't want them here.

Not so much because of their religious insensitivity for which they are currently standing trial in Malaysia, but more for Mr Tan's ingratitude and lack of repentance.

Despite being an ASEAN scholar, the Malaysian spat in our face by having nothing good to say about our country.

Who knows how Mr Tan and his girlfriend would portray Singapore in their documentary?

Let's not forget how we allowed Hollywood to shoot Saint Jack in Singapore 41 years ago and promptly banned the movie.

Just because Mr Tan has the gall doesn't mean we have to turn the other cheek.

This article was first published on May 22, 2014.
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