Animal groups upset over HDB notice suggesting owners "debark" their dogs

Animal groups upset over HDB notice suggesting owners "debark" their dogs

SINGAPORE - Animal lovers have criticised a Housing Board notice that asked some dog owners in Ang Mo Kio to consider "debarking your dog through surgery", or to soften noisy dogs by cutting their vocal chords.

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Action for Singapore Dogs, a non-profit organisation that helps rehome street dogs, posted a photo of the HDB notice on their facebook page, with an accompanying description explaining what debarking surgery is all about.

The organisation commented: "This is an extremely cruel and painful procedure of removing the vocal chords which can cause constant physical pain.

"A dog also barks when it is in a stressed or anxious mode, and not hearing the dog does not mean the dog is in a stable state of mind.

"That can lead to further behavioural issues such as aggression and separation anxiety.

"Such recommendations should not be publicly put out without due advice from experts as it sets a wrong mindset that such solutions are ethical or safe."

Stomp contributor Ethel said she has alerted SPCA on the matter, and sent in a screenshot of their reply.

According to the screenshot, SPCA also shared the public's disagreements with the third and last measure listed on the notice.

They wrote that they will be checking with the relevant authorities with regards to the matter.

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