Appalled by SingPost's service

SINGAPORE - Last week a SingPost delivery man came to my home on the seventh storey to tell us we had a parcel by Speedpost.

At that time, only my parents were at home.

He told my parents that the parcel was quite heavy and since it was our parcel, they had to go down to his vehicle to carry it up themselves.

My parents are almost 70 years old and he looked like he is in his 30s.

When my parents refused to do so, he said he wouldn't deliver the parcel then and we would have to go to the post office to collect it ourselves.

He left behind an "attempted delivery" advice.

I am appalled by such a service standard.

Occasionally, I have parcels delivered from overseas and I have given feedback to SingPost on two other incidents.

One delivery man refused to place the parcel inside the flat and left it in the corridor for my mum to carry it in.

He wanted her to see for herself how heavy it was.

Another complained to my parents how little he was paid to deliver such parcels.

I understand that to manage cost SingPost may need to outsource delivery services but it should ensure that standards are not compromised.

This article was published on May 14 in The New Paper.

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