Are passengers allowed off the train if it's stuck?

Trains can stall in a tunnel for several reasons, including power faults and signalling issues.

If power from the tracks is disrupted, there is a backup battery on the train which can last for 60 minutes. The battery keeps lights and the ventilation system going.

If train service cannot be restored, detrainment should occur within 30 minutes of an incident, if it is safe to do so.

During detrainment, power along the rail tracks is shut down for safety reasons. The Singapore Civil Defence Force will also be on site to assist passengers to walk to the nearest MRT station via the tracks.

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Detrainment, however, is not always the best option.

Depending on which section of the tracks the train stalls at, it could mean a considerable walk to the nearest MRT station.

It would thus be preferable to ferry commuters to the nearest station, for example, by either driving the problematic train manually (if the train is driverless), or doing a push-out, which is to use another train to push the stalled train to the nearest station.

This article was first published on Dec 24, 2016.
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