Arrest drama on date night

(Left to right) Paramedic Miss Nuril Fatin, SCDF officer Sgt Muhammad Khari Abdullah and Police officer Staff Sgt Muhammad Fareez helped to apprehend two suspects who were part of a gang of eight that allegedly beat up a man near Yishun Fire Station.
PHOTO: The New Paper

After her eight-hour shift, paramedic Nuril Fatin, 22, was looking forward to supper with her policeman boyfriend.

But her date with Staff Sergeant Muhammad Fareez, 27, turned into something a little more exciting.

The couple, with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer, Sergeant Muhammad Khairi, 24, ended up catching two suspects and helping a man who was allegedly beaten up by a gang of eight.

The incident happened on Oct 23 at 11.40pm.

Staff Sgt Fareez, from Bukit Timah Neighbourhood Police Centre, had gone to pick Miss Fatin from her workplace at Yishun Fire Station on his motorcycle. She works for a private ambulance service engaged by the SCDF.

Just as the couple were about to leave, they heard a commotion about 50m from the entrance of the station.

Said Staff Sgt Fareez: "It was unusual, especially so late in the night, so we decided to check it out.

"But as we approached, the group scattered and ran away towards the main road."

They saw a man standing at the spot where the group had gathered, covering his face.

Said Miss Fatin: "He looked like he was in pain, but we decided to chase the group (on the motorcycle) first to see where they were going.

"We circled one round and realised we were out-numbered, so we decided to head back to the station. I dropped off first to tend to the man, while Fareez went to the station to get help."

It was dark, but Miss Fatin could see the man had a deep laceration on his left brow and cuts on his nose bridge and left cheek.

She said the man complained of pains in his chest and body. He claimed he was punched and kicked multiple times by the group.


Sgt Khairi had been at the entrance of the station after returning from a fire call and had heard Staff Sgt Fareez's shouts for help.

When Staff Sgt Fareez pulled up next to him, Sgt Khairi got on his motorcycle and they headed for the main road.

When they spotted two of the suspects on the other side of the road, Sgt Khairi got off the motorcycle and gave chase.

Staff Sgt Fareez then made a U-turn and headed in the same direction.

Recounting the chase, the policeman said: "The younger suspect ran towards me and I didn't know if he was armed. But while I was trying to apprehend the teenager, the older man lunged towards me. Luckily, Khairi managed to reach in time to stop him."

After apprehending the two, Staff Sgt Fareez called his colleagues for backup.

"But Khairi was my first backup. He came to help without hesitation," said Staff Sgt Fareez, who had not met the SCDF officer before the incident.

Police said six other suspects were arrested within two hours on the same night. The eight suspects are out on bail and are assisting in police investigations.

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