Artist wrote Lee Kuan Yew's name 18,000 times to create this portrait

SINGAPORE - Artist Ong Yi Teck has created a mind-blowing sketch of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew by writing Mr Lee's name approximately 18,000 times.

A photo of Mr Ong holding his drawing was posted on Instagram on Saturday.

Using only drawing pens with no correction fluid or tape, Mr Ong said he took over "15 hours or so of torturous handwriting session".

According to him, this is the first time he is attempting to sketch on an A2-sized paper and also the first time he has drawn for nearly 10 hours in one day.

He also posted details on the painstaking process: "(There is) No shortcut in art and clearly none in building a nation. It takes a great deal of dedication and perserverence."

Mr Ong said that his piece of work is meant as a tribute to "the great man himself".


Mr Lee has been hospitalised from Feb 5 and remains critically ill in Singapore General Hospital's (SGH) Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Thousands of well-wishers have left get-well messages, cards, flowers and gifts for Mr Lee at SGH and also at Tanjong Pagar Community Centre.

"As much as I would love to see Mr Lee recover and celebrate the nation's 50th birthday, we ought to prepare ourselves for the worst," wrote Mr Ong on his Instagram post.

He also hoped that his work will become viral so that "the man himself gets to see it".