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SINGAPORE - Miss Huang Ying Qiao, 24, was the top student in Nanyang Polytechnic's (NYP) Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering course.

She scored a perfect 4.0 grade point average score and secured several academic awards along the way.

But the Chinese national, who graduated from NYP last year, did not envision herself becoming an engineer as she was keen on exploring the financial industry.

So during her final year at the polytechnic, Miss Huang enrolled in FTMS Global Singapore to take the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course.

The ACCA qualification would enable its holders to secure employment as accountants and managers in the financial industry.

Miss Huang, who had the option to read Engineering at the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, said: "I always found the financial industry very interesting and exciting.

"So I did some research and spoke to some of my friends, who encouraged me to take the ACCA course at my institution."

Miss Huang, who is working in an engineering-related field, is taking the course on a part-time basis.

She takes three modules in one semester and aims to complete the course by June next year before seeking employment in the financial industry.

"It is a challenge to work and study at the same time but I just try to manage it. At times, I skip some lessons because I'm too tired from work but I make it up by studying what I missed in class," she said.

Miss Huang chose FTMSS Global Singapore because she heard good things about the lecturers. She was amazed at their depth of knowledge and commitment.

She added: "The lecturers are great at spotting exam questions.

"Their lectures are very helpful and their slides are usually very informative. I made the right choice."

Miss Huang added that the central location of the institution and its student-teacher ratio are additional good points.

She said: "It is very easy to travel there as it is next to Raffles Place MRT station. It is also very easy to communicate with our teachers since the class sizes are kept to 20 students or less."


Association of Chartered Certi ed Accountants (ACCA) Preparatory course.

The Accountant in Business module covers the business and its environment, and the influence this has on how organisations are structured. The Management Accounting module covers how to prepare and process basic costs and quantitative information to support management in planning and decision-making in a variety of business contexts.

The Financial Accounting module covers the underlying principles and concepts relating to financial accounting and technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques.

Graduates of the ACCA professional examination with relevant working experience can become Chartered Certified Accountants, use the designatory letters ACCA, and work in any aspect of finance and business, often in senior management positions. They can become auditors, tax consultants and accountants.

"FTMS can turn a marginal fail into a good pass." - Mr Martin Windle, Specialist Lecturer, FTMS Global Academy

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