Assailant held in Taiwan for attempted murder of Namibian

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The 61-year-old assailant who repeatedly attacked Namibian athlete Juhannes Benade in a Taipei metro car was arrested later on the evening of Feb. 17, according to reports.

Previously, several versions of the story surfaced with local media providing different takes on which of the two men was at fault. However, following the arrest of the alleged assailant Chiu Kuang-hsun, police stated that it was Chiu who struck first in the incident.

The confrontation began when Benade patted the backpack of Chiu to alert the latter that the Taiwanese national had cut in front of the Namibian and his wife to wait for a train at the MRT Hongshulin Station.

Reportedly, Benade is a track and field athlete and a bronze medalist, won in the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games, in Beijing for the Discus Throw and Shot Put categories.

According to local investigations, Chiu, a local construction worker, began a wave of profanity in both Mandarin and Taiwanese at the couple for "assaulting" him.

The altercation continued inside a metro train, with Benade stepping in front of his wife after feeling Chiu was becoming progressively more aggressive. The local worker then repeatedly attacked Benade's head with pliers while continuing his verbal insults.

Video evidence showed that Chiu repeatedly accused the couple of trying to pick a fight with him, while several passengers getting in between the two parties collected evidence and tried to defuse the situation.

Chiu later fled the scene even after MRT staff implored the individual to stay put for further questioning.

Bi-polar Attitude after Arrest

Though Benade received no life-threatening injuries, the Namibian remains hospitalised at the Mackay Memorial Hospital for further observation and received several stitches for his head injuries.

Local police later located Chiu and brought the individual to the Zhuwei police station for further investigation.

Chiu reportedly stated that he assaulted Benade because he did not like being pushed, and that Benade was the one who attacked him first.

However, in front of local media, Chiu spoke in a stream of vulgar profanity while smirking at the cameras. The individual then said that he was very sorry for what happened and promised to never do such a thing again before being taken into the police station to be processed for attempted murder.

During an interview with local press, Benade's wife said that she will seek legal action against Chiu, and make an official report with the government.