Assistant headmaster freed after paying $3,900 ransom

KUALA LUMPUR - An assistant headmaster of a Chinese primary school was kidnapped by a gang of men in Cheras here and released after he paid up a ransom of RM10,000 (S$3,900).

According to China Press, the man, who is in his 30s, drove to Cheras to visit a friend on Saturday. When he alighted from his car, he was confronted by a gang of parang-wielding men.

After they forced him back into his car, one of the men got behind the wheel and drove him to a house where he was confined.

At the house, the gang contacted the man's family and demanded a RM10,000 ransom.

After the family had deposited the ransom into the man's savings account, the gang members withdrew the money using his ATM card.

About 36 hours after he was kidnapped, the gang left him at a secluded place at about 6am on Monday.

It is believed that the gang, which would randomly pick their victims, has been responsible for several other kidnappings.

Police are investigating the matter.