Attacked by callgirl, her brother, friend and pimps

Attacked by callgirl, her brother, friend and pimps

SINGAPORE - THE Frenchman planned a night of pleasure with a local prostitute, but suffered excruciating pain instead.

In his own home, he was attacked by five people, and sustained a broken jaw and a black eye, among other injures.

A court heard on Monday that Mr Didier Moise Dominguez, 53, arranged online for a callgirl to visit his Marina Bay Residences flat on March 4 this year.

But there was a misunderstanding over whether anal sex would be provided.

Mr Dominguez wanted it, but Nuurul Aliyyah Abdul Talib refused, even though the online advertisement which he had responded to said she performed "anal service".

The 23-year-old excused herself and called one of her pimps, who was nearby, for help.

He arrived with her younger brother, who had been assisting the pimps.

Another pimp and a friend of the prostitute got there later.


Together, the five of them punched, kicked and stamped on Mr Dominguez.

Aliyyah's friend, Nur Azilah Ithnin, 20, on Monday pleaded guilty to a charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt and another charge of consuming methamphetamine.

A third charge of theft from Mr Dominguez's home - involving clothes such as leather jackets, an iPod and a phone, worth a total of $1,920 - was taken into consideration.

Mr Dominguez had seen the advertisement online on the evening of March 3 and called to make a booking.

The two pimps - Malcolm Graham Head, 33, and Veronica Patricia Rio, 19 - have separately been implicated in a slew of cases of underage sex.

On the morning of March 3, Azilah had met the rest at a room in Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

She has been a close friend of Aliyyah, and her brother, Ahmad Habiibul Hakim Assalafi, 19, since her secondary school days.

She got to know the pimps through them and they would all hang out together regularly.

Around 10pm that day, Head and Rio told Aliyyah to go and service Mr Dominguez at his flat.

Azilah told Aliyyah that she was worried about her safety and accompanied her to the apartment with the others.

Around midnight, Aliyyah got to the condo, while the other four waited nearby.

Shortly after, Mr Dominguez met Aliyyah and took her up to his 44th-storey unit, where they talked about what sexual services she could provide.

She then quoted him a price higher than what had been agreed - $350 instead of $280, and this made him think that she was agreeable to anal sex.

But Aliyyah was not open to it.

She later excused herself to use his toilet, and rang Head to claim that he was forcing her to have anal sex.

She then engaged Mr Dominguez in foreplay until Head and Hakim reached the flat, Wearing only her panties, she told Mr Dominguez that she heard some noises at the door.

When he opened the door, the two rushed in. Head told Mr Dominguez that Aliyyah was his girl and asked him why he was causing trouble.

When Rio and Azilah got there, they heard the rest arguing.

Head, Hakim and Rio then attacked Mr Dominguez. Rio later kicked him in the groin. Mr Dominguez did not fight back as he saw Azilah taking a knife from his kitchen and walking around the flat with it.


Head told Mr Dominguez he had to pay extra for the anal sex, and the latter quickly handed him $100.

Eventually, all five of them attacked Mr Dominguez.

Hakim said he punched the Frenchman several times on his face till he fell, then kicked his face repeatedly and stamped on it.

He also made Mr Dominguez sit up and wrapped his head in a black shirt before punching him on the nose.

With the victim's face covered, Hakim told the rest that whoever wanted to hit him could do so.

Azilah, who had kicked Mr Dominguez upon getting to the flat, kicked him again. Hakim also punched the victim several more times on the face, back and other parts of the body as he wanted to make him unconscious.

He also used a wine opener to strike the Frenchman's forehead a few times. They then left for Park Hotel in taxis.

At 1.20am, Mr Dominguez went to the condominium's security officer, who called for an ambulance.

He was taken to the Singapore General Hospital, where he was warded for four days and given 28 days of hospitalisation leave.

Azilah and the rest were arrested the day after, around 4am.

Azilah was also found to have taken drugs - she admitted to taking methamphetamine at the hotel on March 3.

Her lawyers, Mr Arvindran Manoosegaran and Mr Pardeep Singh Khosa, said in mitigation on Monday that she was young.

A student at ITE College Central at the time of the offence, Azilah intended to further her studies and get a diploma in psychology. Indeed, she was awarded an ITE scholarship last year.

But Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Stella Tan Wei Ling said it was not Azilah's first offence, as she had been sentenced in October 2009 to reformative training for 11 charges of harassment on behalf of an unlicensed moneylender and mischief by fire.

"The fact that she re-offended means she has not turned over a new leaf," said DPP Tan.

Azilah will be sentenced on Sept 23, while her accomplices are scheduled for pre-trial conferences on Sept 11.

Pimp faces multiple charges

MALCOLM Graham Head, 33, faces 41 charges of vice and drug-related charges, including abetting 15 clients to have paid sex with a minor under 18.

He had started a company called "Wet Dreams" in September last year and procured women for prostitution and advertising online.

Head worked with his girlfriend, Veronica Patricia Rio, 19, who faces 39 charges, including procuring women for prostitution and living off the immoral earnings of four sex workers.

He recruited the underage girl after befriending her on Facebook in October.

At times when she did not want to serve clients, she would be fed methamphetamine to keep her awake, or was allegedly assaulted by Head and Rio.

Of the 12 men charged for having paid sex with a minor, three have been dealt with.

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