Attackers nearly slice off flesh from man's forehead in HK subway attack

Three men were injured in a gory knife attack at a Hong Kong train station during the evening rush hour on Sept 21.

The attack was reported to have occurred at Jordan MTR station platform at 6.30pm. A group of about nine men, some armed with knives, lashed out at the three victims who were waiting for the train.

Apple Daily reported that the three men are of South Asian ethnicity. They sustained injuries to their heads, arms and hands, and were later rushed to the hospital.

One of the injured men "had a piece of flesh on his forehead that was nearly falling off, and another piece of flesh on his left hand that had been chopped clean off," the report added.

Eyewitnesses reported that the attack lasted nearly 30 seconds. During the melee, many passengers scrambled to safety, while others hid inside the train carriages.

The attackers managed to make their escape in the ensuing chaos.

Shanghaiist reported that Hong Kong police are inspecting the CCTV footage from the station to identify the attackers.

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