Aunt chased Youtube singer out of house as she frequently brought guys home

SINGAPORE - Controversial local finalist in the K-pop Star Hunt 3 contest, Stephanie Koh, says her dispute with her aunt during Chinese New Year was actually triggered by a disagreement over a room.

According to a report on Shin Min Daily News, the 21-year-old alleges that her aunt, Ms Chong, had bit her and scratched her in the chest.

During an interview, Ms Koh said she had originally been staying in one room with her auntie and grandmother. However, she moved to her aunt's old room in December last year as it was too cramped.

Ms Koh added that she does not understand why her aunt kept refusing to let her stay in the old room, but believes it has to do with her auntie's relationship with a married man who has five children.

She said that her aunt first started it by sending her 38 messages on Dec 11 and 12. The aunt then placed Ms Koh's belongings in a trunk and left them along the corridor outside. According to Ms Koh, Ms Chong poured water over her laptop, camera and iPod.

However, Ms Chong said it was not that she did not want her niece to have a room of a her own. Instead, she was worried that "someone" would bring a guy home.

According to Ms Chong, she had chased Ms Koh out of the house as the latter frequently brought a guy home, and even said that she did not like going over to the guy's house.

"Her mother and I are both very protective of her and thus, did not let her have her own room."

Ms Chong also strongly denied having a relationship with a married man, whom she referred to as a normal friend.

"Actually I dote on and care for her. This matter makes me very upset."

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