Aussie fined, jailed for drunken spree in S'pore

Drunk after downing eight glasses of whisky with soda, an Australian transiting at Changi Airport climbed onto the sky train track at Terminal 3.

Kevin Patrick Flynn, 36, had earlier also clambered onto the metal zinc roof of a construction site behind Crowne Plaza Hotel at about 9.30pm on July 17.

He was jailed for one week yesterday for criminal trespass. He was fined $1,000 for being drunk and fined another $500 for breaking a fire hose reel glass panel worth $10 that evening.

The delivery driver from Darwin, Australia, pleaded guilty on Wednesday and had another charge of mischief taken into consideration during his sentencing.

Investigations showed that at the service road behind Crowne Plaza Hotel near Terminal 3, Changi Airport, he climbed onto the sky train tracks with intent to annoy Changi Airport Group (CAG).

He was drunk while running around shouting on the sky train tracks between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1, the court heard.

His presence and actions caused the sky train services to be stopped for 11 minutes for his safety.

Services were disrupted again for half an hour the next day to retrieve his hand-carry bag which he had left behind on the tracks.

He had also punched a fire hose glass panel belonging to CAG, causing it to break.

His lawyer S.S. Dhillon said in mitigation that Flynn was on a 15-hour transit to Cebu on July 16 when he asked a taxi driver to take him to the nearest pub.

But he was taken to Orchard Towers, where an unknown man struck up a conversation with him at Top 5, a pub.

Counsel said Flynn took eight glasses of liquor and blacked out. He woke up in a taxi and realised he had been beaten up and his money was missing.

Mr Dhillon said his client might have been drugged, leading him to act in a bizarre and irrational manner. He said Flynn, who has a 11/2-year-old son with his girlfriend in the Philippines, had no reason to come to Singapore on transit and go on a rampage.

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