Balam Road residents complain about NEA cameras facing their homes

Balam Road residents complain about NEA cameras facing their homes

SINGAPORE - A recently installed surveillance camera at Block 33 Balam Road is causing residents to complain about prying eyes.

Shin Min Daily News reported the camera, mounted on a corridor railing on the 7th floor of Block 33, faces the bedroom windows of the opposite Block 31, which is 20 metres away.

Residents at Block 31 said they are uncomfortable over the camera, and added that it is an intrusion of their privacy.

A resident who felt affected said he is concerned about his female family members' modesty when they are changing in their bedrooms.

Another resident in her 60s has no idea who installed the camera and why it has been installed. As she is afraid of being watched, she has kept her bedroom's window closed.

Some residents added that the camera's red blinking light is distracting.

Shin Min also reported that many residents are unaware of the new camera. Most of them are surprised when they learned about it.

Some residents believe that camera may have been installed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to monitor high-rise litterbugs in their neighborhood, where high-rise littering is a regular occurrence.

NEA has confirmed with AsiaOne that the camera was installed to monitor high-rise littering at Balam Road.

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