Ban use of glue traps

I was recently involved in a project to save a kitten that was found in a drain near a temple in Woodlands.

It had been caught on a glue trap meant for rats, and thick sticky adhesive was found all over its face and body.

The kitten was left with abrasions, a blind eye and a fractured forearm, possibly due to its attempts to free itself from the trap.

It eventually died despite our efforts to save it.

Glue traps cause traumatic deaths to all the animals they catch.

The animals are left to suffer for days until they finally die of stress, exposure, or dehydration. Some get their noses, mouths or beaks stuck in the glue and suffocate.

The animals that manage to free themselves lose skin, fur and even limbs in the process.

I urge the authorities to impose an immediate ban on the use and sale of such traps.

Khaled Talib

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