Bank officer's family shocked over shooting

KAMPAR - The family members of bank officer Norazita Abu Talib are puzzled as to what had prompted the security guard to shoot her.

Her father Abu Talib Md Isa, 75, said if the guard's intention was only to rob the bank, there was no need for him to kill his daughter.

The retired army personnel said his daughter was a hardworking and responsible employee.

He said the last time the family met Norazita was during the Hari Raya Haji holiday recently. She was the second child in the family of five siblings.

"I received a call from a relative on the day of the incident but did not have the heart to tell my wife Norsham Abd Kader as I knew she would not be able to take the news.

"So I just told her that our daughter was involved in an accident and that we needed to rush to Kuala Lumpur. She only found out the truth once we reached there," he told reporters at their house in Kampung Baru Air Itam Labu here before Norazita was buried at a Muslim burial ground nearby yesterday.

Over 100 people including her two children, relatives, friends and colleagues paid their last respects.

Norazita's body arrived at about 7pm, and her distraught mother had to be held by family members as she could not even stand.

Her cousin Musa Othman, 50, said the family was very angry and wanted the killer to be brought to justice especially after a few of them watched the CCTV recording of the shooting.

"Why did he have to shoot her? He could have taken away the money without hurting anyone," he said.