Barrier preventing PRs from taking up citizenship

SINGAPORE - Mr Christopher Chong ("How to help foreigners integrate"; Tuesday) suggested that permanent residency should have a fixed term and then be re-assessed, with one of the criteria being the permanent resident's intention to become a citizen.

As a permanent resident here, I would look forward to becoming a Singapore citizen if not for one issue - the requirement that I give up citizenship of my home country.

I know of many other permanent residents who share my view. Not allowing dual nationality is an old-fashioned position, one that has changed in many proud countries over the last decade or so.

Forcing me to give up my ties to my home country, and having to apply for a visa to visit my family and friends there, is a show-stopper.

Singapore should consider changing this policy. Allowing me to retain the citizenship of my home country would in no way diminish the respect I would have for my additional citizenship in Singapore.

I have lived here for nine years and do consider Singapore home. So the authorities should remove the one barrier that is preventing me, and many others, from taking the final step to truly calling Singapore home.

This article was published on May 16 in The Straits Times.

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