'Bees were bashing against my window'

The swarm of bees were buzzing loudly outside his bedroom, trying to get in through the closed window.

While they eventually flew off, Mr Gabriel Wong was worried they would return and get into his Redhill flat.

For days before that, Mr Wong, 46, had noticed some bees in his flat, and his wife had even stepped on a dead one in the master bedroom.

Even though the town council said they would send someone to check his flat, Mr Wong decided to call a pest control company as he was desperate.

"I could not wait," he said. "We all sleep in that room and I want my wife and daughter to be safe."

The swarm at the window was the final straw. He said: "The bees were bashing against my window and it sounded like a machine gun firing."

The pest control company fumigated an air-conditioner unit in the master bedroom last Thursday where the bees seemed to be gathering.


When the workers opened the unit, Mr Wong and his family were shocked to see seven honeycombs inside it. The dead bees piled up to a height of about 10cm.

His daughter Elizabeth, nine, sleeps close to the air-conditioner unit.

Mr Wong, a food and beverage manager, said: "It was terribly eerie to see the bees."

Mr Azlam Shah, 33, a manager at another pest control company, Clean Solutions, said bee infestations in homes are quite common. The company itself handles about four cases a year.

In February, a sales manager was showering his son when he noticed a swarm of bees on the bathroom ceiling.

Mr Azlam said bees usually build their hives in unused or unattended dark places.

Mr Thomas Fernandez, the boss of Pestbusters, said people should not do anything to disturb the bees, as they could attack them.

"Any action should be left to the professionals, as they will address it in the most appropriate and safe manner," he said.


Feb 11, 2014: A sales manager living in Yishun found a swarm of bees on his bathroom ceiling while showering his three-year-old son. A pest control technician used pesticide to kill the bees.

Nov 6, 2013: Three workers were attacked at Sherwood Road in Tanglin by what is believed to be Malayan Wild Bees. One victim, Mr Mohd Sallehen S, died.

Dec 12, 2012: Eight tourists - Five Indonesians and three Malaysian children - were attacked by bees as they sat on chairlifts on Sentosa. Secured to their seats by a safety bar, the victims were helpless.

Nov 16, 2011: Thirty-eight students and staff were taken to hospital after a bee attack at Ngee Ann Polytechnic's field.


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