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'Best punishment ever': Driver made to U-turn back to JB after getting caught on Causeway bus lane

'Best punishment ever': Driver made to U-turn back to JB after getting caught on Causeway bus lane
A car travelling in the bus and lorry lane along the Causeway was told to U-turn and re-queue.
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In wanting to save time by cutting the queue, this driver on the Causeway ended up having to wait in line for a longer time instead.

The motorist had to make a U-turn — back to Johor Bahru (JB) — after auxiliary police officers caught him in the dedicated bus and lorry lane.

A video posted on Facebook group on Monday (May 20) shows an officer talking to the errant driver. A line of heavy vehicles is seen behind the car.

Another officer then gestured for the driver to make a U-turn to the other side of the Causeway, sending the car back to the end of the line.

"Do not use the bus lane when crossing the checkpoints," the post warned.

Netizens were amused, with several gloating that the driver "deserved it" and that being made to U-turn is the "best punishment ever".

"That's the way to go. These selfish drivers only think of themselves," wrote a Facebook user.

Said another: "Serves [them] right. The best is to go back JB and queue right from the back. Judging by the last weekend, it'll probably [take] another three hours [at minimum]."

Some netizens also called for officers to conduct round-the-clock monitoring to weed out queue cutters.

Motorists entering Singapore from JB over the past weekend had to wait close to three hours to clear immigration.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had stepped up security measures after an attack on a police station on the outskirts of JB last Friday. 

In a statement on Monday, ICA said "very heavy traffic" is expected at the Woodlands and Tuas land checkpoints from May 21 to June 23. The Vesak Day public holiday falls on Wednesday and the June school holidays start on Saturday.

Travellers should expect delays due to the increased security measures and check the traffic situation at the checkpoints, ICA advised.

They should also refrain from cutting queues as it would cause severe congestion and endanger other motorists. "Errant motorists caught queue cutting will be turned away and made to re-queue," said ICA.

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